Juniors In Literacy 1983 (JIL 1983) provides direct leadership, and offers start-up planning and guidance to several other community groups who are interested in Family Literacy CARE. We have also been involved in lending our support to the start-up of a few other international literacy programs. Ms. Jackie Nurse has consistently volunteered her services in assisting other groups in forming their own literacy programs to assist children and parents, especially in needy rural villages.

Over the years JIL 1983  in Toronto has operated both long-term and short-term activities at:

East Mall Library
190 Woolner Avenue (TCHC)
100 High Park Avenue (TCHC)
Franklin Horner Community Centre

                                    TJ’s     Philosophy

Ms. Nurse has maintained a strong philosophy that early literacy involvement would always serve to strengthen the academic foundation of junior learners. Home-work Help activity is a “quickfix” that proves useful only in the short-term. Instead, training a child to engage in discovering, questioning, and participating will lead to the child applying himself/herself  to  the art of  learning.  Teaching strong study skills with application will produce quality performance and learner confidence.

Core Academic Services

Juniors In Literacy1983 (JIL 1983) continues to provide core academic services in STEM/STEAM International Curriculum. Computer Technology  exposure starts with our Grade 2 Learners.

  1. Numbers- Worksheets and Activity Books (Junior and Senior Kindergarten)
  2. Mathematics (Grades 1 to 8)
  3. English Language Arts: Grammar, Word Study and Phonics, Writing, Reading with Comprehension, Spelling (Grades 1 to 8)
  4. Picture Reading  (JK to Gr. 3)
  5. Remedial Learning Speciality: ESL, ELD, Mathematics
  6. Math Tech (Grades 2 to 8)
  7. Tracing, Printing,  Cursive/Calligraphy
  8. Visual Arts, Music

Preparing for the Career Path

Juniors In Literacy 1983(JIL 1983) also continues to provide additional services in Preparing for the Career Path. This aspect is open to learners in both Junior High and Senior High Schools.

  1. Certificates/Awards Portfolio Preparation and Maintenance
  2. Master Resume Preparation and long-term Maintenance
  3. Specialized Resume Preparation, Cover Letter
  4. Scholarship Application  and Preparation Workshops (Grades 11 and 12)
  5. Hands-on Training for Community Literacy Facilitators/Peer to Peer Tutors

We also grant these students  an opportunity to gain part-time employment with an Affiliate Company. This is a grounding offer for Resume purposes.


During its 35+ years of service, JIL 1983 has engaged in collaborative work and also advocacy work with  20-25 schools of various School Boards with an emphasis being placed on extracting the best possible outcomes for our learners. In June 2011, the principal at one of our local middle schools-Gr 6 to Gr 8, expressed his concerns to Ms. Jackie Nurse, stating that more than 50% of his students were failing.

Clearly anyone can see that there is a “struggle” in Education, and also in society. Parents and guardians of students are encouraged to convert the dining room into a study room every evening, and be visible with the learners. Turn off all distractions and let the environment be conducive to studying. You will reap good results!

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