Extra-Curricular Training

Juniors In Literacy (JIL 1983) supports  high-school students by hosting training through TorontoCPR,  a Red Cross Trainer Affiliate:

Juniors In Literacy (JIL 1983) is also a long-time promoter of the Harbourfront Centre Camps with students participating in:

  • Click here to visit site.

  • Marine Camps-Canoeing            Kayaking

  •  White Sail I, II, III-Certified

  • Camp Counsellor in Training-Certified

  • Outdoor Bound                            Culinary Arts          Photography

Juniors In Literacy (JIL 1983) engages the expertise of one of its supporters and donors, Ms. Hyacinth Dunstan, who is a professional Arts and Crafts designer.

Ms. Dunstan specializes in handmade items:   

  • Cloth Dolls                                           Beaded  Jewelry
  • Character Face Pillows                     Decorative Home Ornaments
  • Intro to Sewing Machine                  Wall  Rugs
  • Intro to Sewing Simple Clothing

Juniors In Literacy (JIL 1983)  under the unique design and presentation of  Teacher Jackie, offers in-house training for Volunteers in:

  • Teach a Child to Print

  • Teach a Child Cursive/Calligraphy
  • Lead a Reading Circle

  • Peer-to-Peer Tutoring

  • Organize a Book Drive

  • Teach a Child Picture Reading
  • Teach a Child Visual Art Appreciation

*High School Students and Volunteers develop confidence as they gain knowledge, and then apply their skills in this Program. Most go out into their own communities and start-up  Literacy Care Clubs.

These are Certified Courses with globally transferable skills.

Juniors in Literacy (JIL 1983) initially offered computer training to individual junior high school learners  at their homes, and to small groups of learners in: 

  • MS Office Word

  • MS  Office Power Point

  • Apache Open Office Suite

  • Windows Live Movie Maker

Juniors In Literacy (JIL 1983)  encourages the creative and artistic abilities of students through professional training with:

Juniors In Literacy (JIL 1983) supports the membership activities of the Toronto Navy League Cadet Corps-Ark Royal.  Some major activities include:  

Juniors In Literacy (JIL 1983) supports the membership activities of the Toronto Air Cadets’ Mosquito Squadron.

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