Juniors In Literacy 1983 (JIL 1983) will remember Year 2012 was a very frustrating time for the children in Elementary and High Schools in Ontario. It was the year when our students were deprived of meaningful Extra-Curricular Activities. However, wise parents reached out to protect their families during the dismal outcome of this very controversial year in Ontario’s Education System.

JIL 1983 continued to participate in, hosted and promoted Community-based quality programs. We are pleased to share that our students were well-positioned to receive Awards, Subsidies and Bursaries to attend the following:

3 Students benefited from attending the University of Toronto-Faculty of Engineering and Science, Deep Program during March Break

2 Students completed Jewelry Making– Beginners at the Creative Links Craft Centre

22 Students participated in Harbourfront Centre Camps (HCC) during the Summer

3  High School students had fun while on a Tandem-Kayaking Trip down 13km of the Humber River.  Sponsored by Toronto Adventures.

4 Senior Students successfully completed the HCC-Counsellor in Training and graduated as Camp Counsellors

1 High School student attended a 10-week Arts Training program at the Art Gallery of Ontario

In Year 2012, JIL 1983 reported the success of our 3 Senior High School students who were employed by Harbourfront Centre Camps, having successfully met HCC’s high standards as Camp Counsellors in the previous year 2011. Kudos! to our young leaders who are giving back in service to the younger children.

Also, 5 Senior High School Students were employed by JA Skills Training as Literacy Tutors, with renewable contracts.

Blessings to all, and thanks be to the Universal High Power. May the Universe continue to smile on you. Let it be so!

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