Juniors in Literacy 1983 (JIL1983) continued to provide opportunities for our students, and we are pleased to report that Harbourfront Centre Camps offered Ms. Jackie Nurse, Pioneer/Manager of Juniors in Literacy 1983, a partner relationship in the HCC Kids First Program. This partnership would enable a few more needy families to benefit from the variety of camps offered. You can visit at www.harbourfrontcentre.com.

Six elementary students have attended Articulation Resource Centre, in the historic Junction arts community. You can visit at www.articulation.com and do contact Ms. Heather or Mr. Miki.

Four students have enjoyed Beaded Jewelry Making with Instructor Hyacinth Dunstan, and hosted an exhibition their pieces.

Ten male students in Junior and Senior High Schools did collaborative work in a Hands-on Computer Technology Hardware Repair Workshop, and they commented that it was more thorough than what was taught at school. Kudos to Instructor Byron.

Three high school students had great exposure learning at the University of Toronto: Faculty of Science and Engineering- Deep/STEM  March Break.

Five students have participated in Harbourfront Centre Camps for March Break, sponsored by the Kids First Program.

Two students participated in Floral Arranging and brought home beautiful, fresh-flower arrangements just in time for Mother’s Day.  Thanks to the Articulation Resource Centre in the Junction area.

JIL 1983 is again pleased to report that 6 high school students were offered employment as Camp Counsellors with Harbourfront Centre Camps this year. Many thanks to HCC   for this golden opportunity.

Three high school students completed their 40 hour OSSD Volunteer Service Contract, with 4 more on a waiting list to serve with  JIL1983.

Five high school students gained employment with JA Skills Training, an Associate Company.

JIL 1983 continues to encourage all parents, to do what is best for their children, and to take the lead in seeking out quality Extra-Curricular Activities for their children.

One female  High School Student is now a member of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets having progressed from Ark Royal Navy League. This student is one of three, who earned her 10-day trip to Nova Scotia in 2010.  She gleefully attended the Canadian Naval Centennial, in honor of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. Keep smiling!

One male High School student was offered a Special opportunity to work as Camp Counsellor with UoT: Science and Engineering’s Deep during the summer. Our God reigns supreme!

We say “many thanks” to all who have opened employment doors of opportunity  for our young people, and for helping them to go forward confidently.

All bursaries, subsidies and awards were sincerely appreciated by the student-recipients and their families. Remember we need a balance in academic, volunteerism, and employment opportunities.

Blessings to All, and thanks be to our most gracious God/Allah!

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