Juniors in Literacy 1983 (JIL1983) continues to support free, community-based, Literacy CARE Program Development, internationally.

We communicate directly with the missionary or visionary in charge of the program, either at the North American or Overseas Home Base.  Our goals: (1) to develop child-safe learning CARE clubs within the villages and communities (2) to promote and support the training of volunteers with their “boots on the ground” (3) to provide startup educational supplies to the club. We rely heavily on strong communication with the Field. We have been doing this quite successfully for almost 40 years. Bless the Universe!

Juniors in Literacy 1983 has no political, nor religious affiliation in any of these countries. Our generous thanks to you for continuing to help us in reaching out over these many years.  Universal High Power is great!

-Trinidad and Tobago, Caribbean
-St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Caribbean
-Grenada, Caribbean                                             – Jamaica, Caribbean
-Tanzania, Africa                                                    – Ethiopia, Africa

-Sierra Leone, West Africa

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